The Questions

No 3 Putts – The Questions

Background (written into a summarized intro background)


  • Name, company, location, website, certifications, awards and special recognitions
  • When did you first start teaching?
  •  How many students do you teach per year?

The Interview:

  1. There are millions of new and high handicap golfers playing every year, how do these golfers need to view the importance of putting in their game?
  2. The Putt can be the most important, most frustrating, most misunderstood and least practiced shot in golf, what are the key things about “the putt” that every golfer needs to fully understand to build a base for accurate, consistent and enjoyable putting?
  3. You hear about golfers throwing and breaking putters over missed putts, what are the biggest mistakes you see golfers make that limit their putting ability?
  4. In your experience, what are the roadblocks that prevent golfers from becoming good putters?
  5. Every weekend we see professionals miss simple putts. Why? What is going on that makes them miss these seemingly easy putts?
  6. What are the characteristics and attitudes that make a great putter?
  7. If you had to pick one golfer as a role model for putting, who would it be, why and what make them a role model?
  8. Putts within 10’ are the most stressful, how should golfers approach this situation, especially to avoid the dreaded 3 putt?
  9. What do you need to do to be a good putter? Any tips, techniques or tricks that have really helped you, your students or the pros?
  10. A low score in golf depends on a variety of clubs, skills and shots. What do you recommend to balance putting in conjunction with these other demands during a round of golf? After good shots? After bad shots? In a rut?
  11. What are the realistic expectations of putts per hole, putts per round or other measures that golfers need to follow as they develop their skills?
  12. Looking back, is there anything about putting and golf you wish you had done differently? What do you know now that you wish you’d known sooner?
  13. What are your most humbling and most memorable putts?
  14. What do you hope golfers take away from this interview?Is there anything else you want to share? Anything that you think may help fellow golfers?


3 additional questions (if time allows…)

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