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Background: I been a golfer most of my life and putting has always been an issue. I later worked on some putting training aids where I learned more about putting. As I played on some leagues and tournaments, I noticed people spending more time of driving rather than putting. I figured, since putting is 50% of the game, there needs to be a way to help golfers do a better job putting. I came up with the No 3 Putts concept and interviewed top rated instructors and club fitters to share their key knowledge and experiences.

  1. The 3 putt is the worst thing on the course except for a whiff. It shows you a complete breakdown of any ability or skill. When I share the title every golfer can relate.
  2. The book has numerous interviews with top rated instructors on what you need to know and the best practices for putting. Much like a travel guide, it quickly shows you what to do to make the most of your time for the best results.
  3. Putting is 50% of the game, yet golfers take it for granted and do not practice putting. They would rather spend time on the driving range, but driving is only about 12% of the game.
  4. A surprising fact from Mark Sweeney, CEO of Aimpoint Golf is only 2%
  5. Andy Thompson, a top club fitter, states over 90% of golfers cannot line the ball up with the cup from 6’ away
  6. Even on tour, you will see 3 putts and even pros have been known to throw and break clubs.
  7. One problem is golfers see pros making putt after putt in a tournament, yet this is not reality and golfers set their expectations too high, especially if they don’t practice.
  8. To improve, golfers need to understand what type of putter they are, get laser tested for your basic ability and get fitted for a putter that matches your style and posture AND develop a practice routine.
  9. The interviews in No 3 Putts are as if you had a lesson from each of the interviewees. So you get 10 lessons for a mere $20 that would cost the reader nearly $2,000 had they hired each professional to give them a personal lesson. A must read for all golfers.

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The 3 putt is perhaps the most dreaded and embarrassing shot in golf. Even pros are known to throw a club when they 3 putt. Putting is easily 40-50% of their total score, most golfers spend more time on the driving range than the putting green. No 3 Putts: What the Pros Really Want you to Know to Improve your Putting contains exclusive interviews, with top rated PGA and LPGA instructors that offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help your putting. Insights from the pros reveal: Key factors that limit putting success, tips and techniques you can use to improve your putting skills, The difference between green guessing and green reading, why your putter is the most important club in your bag, top putting drills that will help you build and maintain your skills, and other strategies to help you gain the confidence you need to improve your putting game. Experts featured in No 3 putts include: John Hughes (Advantage Golf School), Shim Lagoy (PGA), Becky Dengler (LPGA), Carol Preisinger (Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America), Dan Schwabe (Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year), Mike Shannon (One of America’s Top 50 Greatest Teachers – Golf Digest), Andy Thompson (Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter), Mardell Wilkins, (Top 50 Best Teacher, Golf Digest and LPGA), Sam Emerson (PGA Horton Smith Award Winner for Instructor and Club Fitter). Learn more at Available at Amazon and fine bookstores everywhere.


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Charlie Trentacosti May 28, 2012 at 8:51 pm

No 3 Putts addresses one of the most (if not the most) important part of the game. Dave has interviewed and received important advice from a diverse group of experts who offer invaluable tips and suggestions. The reader of this book will understand in detail all aspects of putting and why each is important. A must have for beginners as well as serious golfers.


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