No 3 Putts

Do you hate 3 putts?

The 3 putt is perhaps the most dreaded and embarrassing shot in golf. Even pros are known to throw a club when they 3 putt. While putting is easily 40-50% of their total score, most golfers spend more time on the driving range than the putting green.

“90% of players that come into our shop cannot aim their putter over the hole from 6-feet away”
– Andy Thompson, Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter

The No 3 Putts Books

No 3 Putts Golf offers 2 books to help golfers improve thier putting; the No 3 Putts Book and the NEW Putting Dia-Log. The books offer value seperately, but together they offer a the knowledge and process to help all golfers improve thier putting and avoid 3 putts.

Putting Dia-Log is a putting and scoring log with putt accuracy and distance. This key information can then be discussed with local PGA and LPGA instructors offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help you fully understand:

  • improved putting
  • lower scores
  • more enjoyment
  • play more golf

No 3 Putts: What the Pros Really Want you to Know to Improve your Putting contains exclusive interviews, available only in this book, with top rated PGA and LPGA instructors offer a diverse and thorough discussion on putting to help you fully understand:

  • The true importance of putting
  • Key factors that limit putting success
  • Tips and techniques you can use to improve your putting skills
  • The difference between green guessing and green reading
  • Why your putter is the most important club in your bag
  • Top putting drills that will help you build and maintain your skills
  • The need for true confidence in your putting

You’ll benefit from decades of experience from top instructors and over 50,000 lessons given to new golfers up to tour professionals. The valuable insights contained in the book will help you understand the dynamics of putting, so you can really improve your putting. It is a must have for every golfers library.

“I applaud your concept; it’s right on. If people are really upset about being a 25-36 handicap, let’s go watch them putt. That’s the fastest area in the game to save five shots a round. That’s where people can make the quickest improvement”
– Dan Schwabe, Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year in 2009


  •  Chris Foley, Director of Chris Foley Golf School
  • John Hughes, Executive Vice President/National Director of Instruction at Advantage Golf School
  • Shim Lagoy, Orinda CC Master PGA Professional
  • Becky Dengler, LPGA Master Golf Teaching Professional
  • Carol Preisinger, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America, 2005-Present
  • Dan Schwabe, Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year
  • Mike Shannon, One of America’s Top 50 Greatest Teachers (Golf Digest)
  • Andy Thompson Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter
  • Mardell Wilkins, Top 50 Best Teacher, Golf Digest and LPGA
  • Sam Emerson, PGA Horton Smith Award Winner for Instructor and Club Fitter
  • Foreword by Mark Sweeney, CEO – AimPoint Technologies


Prefer to purchase it as a downloadable PDF? Click here to purchase No 3 Putts and instantly download as a PDF for only $5.95.

About the Author

David “No 3 Putts” Perry developed the concept for this book based on his own experience in golf and working with several golf companies, golf pros and industry experts on putting training aids. As an engineer and marketing professional, he has worked on sports marketing programs for golf and yachting.

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Tony Wright December 24, 2012 at 12:19 am

Hello David. Looking forward to reading your book. If you are on Twitter, please let me know your Twitter handle so that I can follow you. Mine is @GameImproveGolf


Leonard Rago July 10, 2013 at 1:11 am

Great job Dave. Best of luck on a novel approach!



Cindy Perrone October 14, 2015 at 11:31 pm

I won a new custom made putter by entering a Chromax Golf Ball Photo Contest. My favorite team the Boston Patriots is the handle that I chose, red shaft and white head. It’s astonishingly beautiful!!!!!
Matt Bellner with Chromax Golf balls just completed making it for me and I’m soooooooooooo excited.
He just participated in the Putt-Putt World Championship.

After asking Matt for any referrals for improving my putting, he recommended your book. I’m looking forward to implementing your suggestions with my brand new putter. I’m a 62 yr. old very active female golf addict from Danvers, Ma.
Thank you,
Cindy Perrone


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